All About Osmania University

All About Osmania University - Osmania University is one of the top universities in India which is located in Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. The University aims to disseminate knowledge through the development of student's all around. Besides, the vision outlined in the efforts in the mixing of traditional and modern wisdom in promoting technology and professional expertise.

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The following is a list of colleges affiliated with Osmania University is located in the University campus:

College of Arts and Social Sciences:

College of science

Faculty Of Engineering

College physical education

Law College

College of Commerce and business management

College of Technology

Advanced learning institutions in the field of education

Besides, there are several College known as  "constituent College " Osmania University. This is:

University College for women

College of law am

Science PG College

College am

College Nizam

There are District PG colleges under universities located in Biknoor, Gadwal, Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda, Medak, Siddipet, Mirzapur and Vikarabad.

The University also has a distance education institution – Prof. g. RAM Reddy distance education centre – which in turn offers several education programmes.

Work guide

In the 1960s, the Government's Planning Commission of India and UGC which came up with the idea of building work and guidance information Bureau at the University. As such, the University established Osmania University employment Bureau Osmania in 1962 with the support from the Government of Andhra Pradesh is active. The Bureau is located in a separate building on the University campus.

Among the services provided by the Employment Bureau of Osmania University is:

includes guidance on work related to students and Alumni

provide psychological support, career talks and group discussions about career planning according to academic qualifications, talents and interests of students

provide access to a complete library with books that are updated about job opportunities, scholarships, scholarships, admission and others.

industry conducts tours and lectures on campus of bringing industry experts.

carry out career conferences and seminars on the job orientation

provide information on jobs in the job market

Facilities for international students

Osmania University has an open the door to international students coming to higher education and research. At certain times, there are more than 650 students who come from more than 46 countries enrolled in University College. External Relations Office provides support and guidance to international students.

As he appreciated efforts and services in the education sector, India, University of Osmania had been awarded five stars by the UGC national assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

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